Example Scenario: Perform Dynamic Log Analysis

You can explore logs to diagnose and troubleshoot issues at any time.

Procedures and scenarios described in this chapter use an example application named RideShare targeted at customers interested in carpool and vanpool services. As a DevOps administrator, you’re responsible for troubleshooting problems related to this application, which is critical to your business. When customers book rides using the RideShare web application, logs related to this transaction are sent to Oracle Log Analytics, and the RideShare application dashboard is updated in near real time. The updates include the number of rides accepted by users, the category of cars or rides being requested by users, and the regions around the country from where the rides are being requested.

John, one of your ride operators, receives complaints from users that they can’ot book rides. He contacts your application support team and requests help. As a DevOps administrator, you have to troubleshoot this problem, because it affects your business.

You’ve built a custom dashboard, the RideShare application dashboard in Oracle Management Cloud, to help you manage routine administration tasks. The dashboard helps you understand the following aspects of your online ride-sharing application:

  • Number of rides being processed every hour

  • Types of rides that are being requested, such as Economy, Compact, SUV, and so on

  • Regionwise location of the customers

Start troubleshooting by:
  1. Open the RideShare Application dashboard and click the Configure widget icon (the three dots) on the top right corner of the Accepted Rides widget and select Edit to view the log entries for the processed rides in the Oracle Log Analytics Data Explorer.
  2. From the Visualize panel, select Records with Histogram Records with histogram icon.
  3. From the Pinned section of the Fields panel, click Log Source.
    1. In the Log Source dialog box, select the required log sources for that entity, and click Apply.
  4. From the Pinned section of the Fields panel, click Severity.
    1. In the Severity dialog box, select the required entry (ERROR in this case), and click Apply.

      You select ERROR because you deduce that the incomplete bookings are due to some errors in the application servers.

Oracle Log Analytics displays all the transactions that have errored out.

In this example scenario, you saw errors related to the application server infrastructure used by the RideShare application. Drill down to logs related to the application server instances by selecting a specific application server target or a group of targets. See Search Logs by Entities.