Use Sample Log Data

Use the sample log data that's available in Oracle Log Analytics at no additional cost to see the working of the features end-to-end.

The sample log data is available to explore the working of the Log Explorer and the dashboard reporting features. By using the sample log data, some sample entities, saved searches, and dashboards are created which are visible in other services of Oracle Management Cloud.

  1. From Oracle Log Analytics, click the OMC Navigation open menu icon icon on the top left corner of the interface. In the OMC Navigation bar, click Administration Home.
  2. Under Other Links, click Sample Data.

    The Sample Data page opens.

  3. Enable the Sample Data button.

Your data remains separated from the sample log data at all times. To design your queries around the sample log data, prefix demomode | in your queries.

You can disable the use of sample log data at any time.