Discover Autonomous Databases

To discover Autonomous Databases, you must access Oracle Management Cloud with the OMC Administrator role and create a Cloud Discovery Profile for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy or compartment in which the Autonomous Databases reside.

The Cloud Discovery Profile defines the account information required to discover the Autonomous Databases in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and add them as entities in Oracle Management Cloud. Monitoring of Autonomous Databases starts automatically as soon as the profile is created, and every 15 minutes Oracle Management Cloud checks to see if new Autonomous Databases are added to the compartments in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and discovers them for monitoring. Similarly, when an Autonomous Database is deleted from the compartment in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, it's deleted from Oracle Management Cloud too. Once the Autonomous Databases are discovered, and the status and performance metrics have been collected, monitoring features such as alerting and notifications are automatically applied.
Prerequisites: Before you create a Cloud Discovery Profile, you must ensure that:
  • Your Autonomous Databases are created and available in the same region as your Oracle Management Cloud instances. Cross-region monitoring of Autonomous Databases is currently not supported by Oracle Management Cloud.
  • You have access to the compartments in which your Autonomous Databases reside in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. See Perform Prerequisite Tasks.
  • You've obtained the following credentials from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console as Oracle Management Cloud connects to your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy using APIs.
To discover your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compartment with Autonomous Databases:
  1. In the Oracle Management Cloud console, click OMC Navigation OMC Navigation icon on the top-left corner to view the Management Cloud navigation menu, if it isn’t already displayed.
  2. Click Administration > Discovery > Cloud Discovery Profiles.
  3. On the Cloud Discovery Profiles page, click Add Profile.
    The Add Discovery Profile page is displayed.
  4. On the Add Discovery Profile page, enter a profile name and select Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in the Cloud Service Provider drop-down list.
  5. In the Regions and Services section, select your region and select the following Autonomous Database options in the Services drop-down list:
    • Autonomous Data Warehouse
    • Autonomous Transaction Processing
  6. In the Credentials section, select the New Credentials option and enter the following credentials:
    • A name for the credentials account, which acts as a unique identifier for these credentials in Oracle Management Cloud.
    • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy-related information: User OCID, Tenancy OCID, Private Key, and Fingerprint. If you've encrypted a passphrase when generating the private key, then enter it in the Passphrase field. For information on these fields, see the prerequisites mentioned earlier in this section.

  7. Click Start Discovery.
The Cloud Discovery Profile is saved and the status of the discovery is displayed on the Cloud Discovery Profiles page.