1 Introduction to Oracle Database Management

Oracle Database Management is built on Oracle Management Cloud’s secure and unified data platform.

You can use Oracle Database Management for the following Oracle Databases:

  • Autonomous Databases, which include:
  • On-premises Oracle Databases, which also include the on-premises Oracle Databases harvested from Oracle Enterprise Manager to be monitored by Oracle Management Cloud offerings.

The chapters in this document provide high-level information on how to use Oracle Database Management to monitor your Oracle Databases on a single page and detailed information on how to:

  • Set up Oracle Database Management and discover Autonomous Databases in Oracle Management Cloud.
  • Monitor your Autonomous Database entities using Oracle Database Management and be alerted about issues and detect anomalies.
  • Monitor the performance of your Autonomous Database entities on the Performance Hub page.
  • Load data from an on-premises Oracle Database to an Autonomous Database.