7 Load Data to Autonomous Databases

Using Oracle Database Management, you can enable the movement of data from an on-premises Oracle Database to an Autonomous Database.

Oracle Database Management uses Oracle Data Pump export and import utilities and reduces the overall time and complexity involved in migrating data from your on-premises Oracle Database to an Autonomous Database. For information on Oracle Data Pump, see Oracle Data Pump Export and Import in Oracle Database Concepts.

The Data Movement feature provides:

  • End-to-end automation for data movement.
  • Out-of-the-box analysis report for the migrated objects.
  • Deep diagnostics to identify failure in migration process and the reasons for failure.

At a high-level, the data movement operation has the following major components:

  • On-premises Oracle Database, which is the source database.


    The source on-premises Oracle Database must be of version or later and on a Linux host.
  • Autonomous Database, which is the destination database.
  • Object Storage in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, which is required as an intermediary stage, because data is first loaded from the source database to the Cloud Storage platform (Object Storage), and from there it's loaded to the destination database. For information on Object Storage, see Overview of Object Storage in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure documentation.

Before you begin data movement, you must ensure that the source and destination database are available in Oracle Management Cloud. For information on how to discover the destination Autonomous Database in Oracle Management Cloud, see Discover Autonomous Databases.