Create a Process Set

A Process Set represents a template for specifying host processes and consists of one or more filter patterns that specify a set of processes running on a host.

A host process gets matched to a Process Set if it meets all the filter criteria defined in the Process Set. A Process Set is created using REST APIs with a JSON payload. The JSON file contains the Process Set definition, which is constructed using regular expressions (regex) to filter out the processes that you're interested in. Once you've created the Process Set, you can then make REST API calls that perform process monitoring setup and configuration operations.

IMPORTANT: You must have access to the REST API for process monitoring. All process monitoring setup and configuration operations are performed using REST API calls. For this release, contact Oracle Support for the REST API documentation and reference MOS Note 2547614.1. Support will then provide you a zip file containing the REST API documentation.

Creating a Process Set

  1. You first need to create a JSON file using the Process Set syntax specified in the process monitoring REST API. In this file, you'll specify the following:
    • Name of the Process Set to be displayed (as a metric) in the UI.
    • A brief description of the Process Set.
    • A regular expression (Regex) search pattern that will be used to filter out only those processes of interest. For example, if you want to filter out host Java processes, you could define the following search pattern:

    For comprehensive information on creating Regex expressions, see " Summary of regular-expression constructs" in the Java API.

  2. Create the Process Set using the REST API and JSON file you created in the first step. You can use any URL-based data transfer tool, such as cURL, to make the REST API call. See Infrastructure Monitoring Cloud Service Master Note (Doc ID 2195015.1) in My Oracle Support (MOS) for access to the REST API for process monitoring.

    Upon successful execution, the API call returns the pertinent Process Set definition information.

    • Process Set Name
    • Prosess Set meID
    • Execution confirmation message.

    In the following example, the returned output shows that the Process Set named Java Processes with the meID 8A978264528271548A80BB656B526FCA was added successfully.

    {"name":"Java Processes","meID":"8A978264528271548A80BB656B526FCA","message":"Successfully added Process Set : Java Processes"}

    Important: You'll need the Process Set meID (shown in the REST API output above) for the next step when you map this Process Set to the host whose processes you want to monitor.