Prerequisites and Monitoring Credentials

Monitoring credentials are required to monitor most entities using Cloud agents. Defining monitoring credentials is a prerequisite step for adding most entities to your monitoring service. Each entity that requires monitoring credentials must have these created or identified ahead of time. Credentials are then passed on to the Cloud agents using credentials JSON files. In addition to monitoring credentials, some entity types may require additional setup and configuration before they can be monitored by Infrastructure Monitoring. The following table provides links to prerequisite and monitoring credential information.

Entity Type Entity
Virtual Servers
Oracle DB Systems

Provides single-step discovery of the Oracle DB and all related entities, such as DB, PDB, Clusterware, and Listeners

Relational Databases
NoSQL Databases
Storage Management
Java Application Servers
Java EE Application Servers
Web Application Servers
Load Balancers
Physical Switches

Locate the type of entity you wish to monitor. Then, follow the corresponding configuration steps described. Check also My Oracle Support Infrastructure Monitoring Cloud Service Master Note (Doc ID 2195015.1) for more release-specific information.