C Oracle Management Cloud – Government Subscription Model

Oracle Management Cloud is also available in the Government Subscription Model, which is specifically designed for national and local governments.

The functional differences between the Government Subscription Model and the Universal Credits Model of Oracle Management Cloud are in the following areas:


  • Oracle Management Cloud – Standard Edition is not available in the Government Subscription Model. You can subscribe to the following license editions, based on your business requirements:

    Oracle Management Cloud License Edition – Government Oracle Management Cloud Offerings

    Oracle Management Cloud – Enterprise Edition – Government

    • Oracle Application Performance Monitoring

    • Oracle Infrastructure Monitoring

    • Oracle Orchestration

    • Oracle IT Analytics

    Oracle Management Cloud – Log Analytics Edition – Government

    • Oracle Log Analytics

  • In the Government Subscription Model, you can only enable the license editions that you subscribe to. For example, if you subscribed to Oracle Management Cloud – Enterprise Edition – Government, then only this license edition and the offerings it provides can be enabled in the Oracle Management Cloud console.

Account Suspension Behavior: In the Government Subscription Model, you can set spending limits at the individual license edition level, for the license editions you subscribed to. In case of an overage, only the license edition that exceeds the limit is suspended.