1 Overview

What Are Intelligent Bots?

It might be good to start off with a quick description of what an intelligent bot is. You can think of a bot as a virtual personal assistant, one that completes a task through a combination of text messages and simple UI elements like select lists. While a bot can open your enterprise to messaging, it’s not a replacement for a mobile or web app. It instead provides a new channel.

This is an image of a bot showing messages and UI elements.

Why Use Oracle Intelligent Bots?

Intelligent Bots enables you to build a bot that connects your users to enterprise while engaging them in naturalistic conversations. Intelligent Bots manages the entire conversation. Throughout this user session (that is, the conversation, from start to finish), Intelligent Bots enables your bot to keep pace with its user: it executes the functions that drive dialog all the while keeping track of the choices that the user’s made so far (the context) and where the user is within the dialog (the current state). Intelligent Bots can scale to the B2C level while still managing millions of user sessions (and their states) securely. While users are probably aware that they’re chatting with a bot, they won’t need to use (or endure) mannered, stilted language because of the language intelligence framework, which produces natural language interactions from machine learning.