Description of the illustration api_login_access.png

This image displays the Security page of the API Designer, which allows you to set access to the API.

The top of the page shows the Export and Editor icons. Below the icons is an information field that you can dismiss, which explains the use of this page to set secure access.

Below the informational text is a link to the documentation discussing setting security for a custom API.

Below the information field is the Login Required field with the option set to ON. Because the option is set to ON, the options, Enterprise and Social Identity are displayed. Below this option are the API Access containing the Role field where you can specify the access to the entire API for a specific role.

Below the API Access section is the Endpoint Access section where you can specify access to specific endpoints by roles. In this section, a filter endpoints search field appears above the list of endpoints. Each endpoint is identified by method name and resource. Each endpoint has a selection field in which you can click to select a role that is allowed access to that endpoint.

If the Login Required option was set to OFF, no options would be displayed and no other fields would be displayed on the page.

All these sections are described in the surrounding text.