Description of the illustration api_method_smallicons.png

Image shows the top of the API Designer’s Endpoints page after several methods have been defined for the resource named contacts. Top of image shows the Export RAML Document and the Enter Source Editor Mode icons. Below the icons is the New Resource button. Next to the New Resource button is the Compact Mode switch set to OFF.

Below these items are the Expand, Add (+), and Delete (X) icons next to the Resource Name text field. Next to it is the resource internal name text field. Next to it is the Methods link. Below these items are the Description text field followed by the Resource Type text field.

Next to the Resource Type field are small icons representing all the methods defined for this endpoint. Icons shown are for the GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, PATCH, and OPTIONS methods with a cursor pointing the POST method. A tooltip shows the POST method. Clicking on one of these icons takes you to its definition on the Methods page.

Below the Description field is an informational only display of the resource name.