Description of the illustration api_methodpage_icons.png

Image show the top of the Methods page of the API Designer when multiple methods for an endpoint have been defined. The top of the image shows the Endpoints navigation link and the name of the currently viewed endpoint, contacts. After the endpoint name are the Export RAML Documentation and the Enter Source Editor Mode icons.

Below the Endpoint navigation link are icons that represent the GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS, PATCH, and HEAD methods. Each icon indicates that the respective method has been defined for the selected resource. A cursor points to the GET method After the method icons is the Add Method button.

Below the button bar is the Description text field. Example text in the field reads Create a customer. Next to the Description field is the Remove (name of method) button. Because the POST method is selected, the remove button is labeled Remove POST.

The function of these buttons and the field is described in the surrounding text.