Description of the illustration define_fif_resource.png

This image shows the Endpoints page of the API Designer where API resources are defined. The top of the image shows the Export RAML Document button and the Enter Source Editor Mode button.

Below the buttons are the New Resource button and the Compact Mode ON and OFF buttons. The Compact Mode is set to OFF.

Below this buttons is the resource definition area that contains the Expand icon, Add (plus sign) icon, and a Delete (X) icon. Each resource field contains a text field for the resource display name (example shows contacts as the field value) and the resource internal name (example shows Customer contacts as a field value), and short description. Next to the internal name field is the Methods link that takes you to the Methods definition page.

Below the resource name field is the short description text field (example shows Create customer contact info as the field value). Next to the Resource Description field is the Resource Type selection field. Next to the Resource Type field is an icon showing that POST method already exists for this resource. You can click on the icon to go to the Methods page where that POST method is defined.

Below the Resource Description field is an informational-only display of the resource name.

Another set of resource fields is displayed below the resource definition for contacts. The second set of fields is the same as previously described. In the example, the second resource defined is called incidents. Next to the Resource Type selection fields are two icons that indicate a GET and POST method have been defined for the incidents resource.

The functions of these fields is described in the surrounding text.