Description of the illustration spec_addmethod.png

This image displays the Method page of the API Designer where you can define one or more methods for the selected endpoint. The top of the image shows the Endpoints tab followed by the name of current resource, contacts. After the resource name are the Export RAML Document and the Enter Source Editor Mode icons.

In this image, a POST method is being defined. A POST icon is shown next to the Add Method button.

Below the button is the method Description text field and the Remove Post button.

Below the Description field are the Display Name text field. Below the Display Name field is the Traits selection field. Below the Traits field are the Request and Responses tabs. The image shows the Request tab is selected. The tab contains the Parameters, Body, and Media Type fields. The Media Type field has the value application/json. Below the Media Type field are the Example and Schema tabs. The Example tab is selected displaying sample data. The fields on this page are described in the surrounding text.