Description of the illustration swagconn_descrip_url.png

This image shows the Descriptor page of the REST Connector API wizard. The top of the page displays the Back and Cancel buttons followed by the General, Descriptor, Rules, Security, and Test navigation links. After the navigation bar are the Save, Save and Close, and Next buttons.

Below the navigation controls is the Descriptor section with text informing you to enter metadata URL and credentials. Also that after a connection is made a list of resources will be displayed. If you do not have a metadata source, you can enter a remote service URL instead.

Below the text are the Web Address and the I don’t have a descriptor radio buttons. In this image, the Web Address is selected.

Below the radio buttons is the Location field, which is only displayed if Web Address is selected. Below the field is a link to the Oracle Cloud Service REST API catalog.

Below the Location field is the Basic Authentication Credentials section with User name and Password fields.

All these fields are described in details in the surrounding text.