Description of the illustration swagconn_resources.png

This image shows the Resources page of the REST Connector API wizard. This page is only available if descriptor metadata was provided on the Descriptor page of the wizard. If no descriptor was provided, only the URL of the remote REST service, this navigation link doesn’t appear and you would proceed from the Rules link to the Security link.

The top of the page shows the Back and Cancel buttons, followed by the General, Descriptor, Rules, Resources, Security, and Test navigation links.

Below the navigation controls is the title of the page, Resources, followed by explanatory text informing you that the resources and methods found in the descriptor metadata are displayed on this page. You are instructed to select the methods that you want to include in the connector configuration.

Below the text is the Runtime Base URI field. If the descriptor metadata contains the address of the runtime server that you’re running on, it is displayed in this field for you. However, if that address is not contained in the metadata, you must add the address in this field or you won’t be able to complete the connector configuration.

Below the Runtime Base URI field, the window is split into two panels. One side is the Resources panel that shows the list of resources and all the available methods for each resource. A refresh icon appears next to the Resources label allowing you to refresh the list of resources displayed. Select All and Expand All buttons across from the Resources label. Below the labelis a Filter field.

The Details panel appears on the other side of the Resources panel and displays information about a selected endpoint (the specific method for a particular resource). Information includes a description of the method, the list of parameters for that method (includes name, location, description, if required, and value type). Below the Parameters section is the list of Responses for that method (includes the response status code and a brief description of the code).

Description of this page and how to use it is given in the surrounding text.