1 What Is Mobile Application Accelerator?

Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX) is a feature of Oracle Mobile Cloud, Enterprise (OMCe) that allows anyone to quickly create, test, and publish sophisticated cross-platform mobile apps. No coding required.

MAX at a Glance

MAX provides you with everything that you need to build, test, and publish a mobile app that run on both iOS and Android devices.

To build an app, you don’t have to download platform-specific development tools like Android Studio or Xcode. And you don’t have to worry about keeping them up to date or configuring device simulators, either. With MAX, you’re not even tied to a development machine. Because it’s a web-based tool, you can log in from any computer or tablet and immediately begin building your app.

What Kind of App Can I Build?

Using MAX, you can create apps that support your mobile workforce. For example, you can build an app for sales organization that gives users an at-a-glance view of the sales pipeline by populating a dashboard screen with counters and graphs for active accounts, pending deals, deal sizes, and so on.

To get you familiar with the MAX UI, we’re going to use a mobile app for appliance repair technicians who work in the field as an example. This app has a dashboard that’s divided into upper and lower regions. The dashboard’s upper region has a set of counters that shows the technician the number of open incident reports (IRs) by priority (high, medium, and low). Its lower region contains a line graph that plots IRs assigned to the technician on a monthly basis. The app also supports the technician’s workflow with a screen that displays a list view of the open IRs. From this screen, a field technician drills down to a detail page for any list item to learn more about the IR. She can return to the list, or she can edit the IR or create a new one.

Video: An Introduction to Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX)

To see how you can build, test, and publish mobile apps using MAX, take a look at this video: