Description of the illustration conn_csfkey_dialog.png

This image displays the Select or Create a New API Key dialog. The left column of the dialog displays the Available Keys panel that lists existing API keys. Selecting a key displays its description below the panel. Next to the Available Keys title is the New Key button. The right column of the panel is the CSF Key Details (Create a new Key) section. If you select an existing key, its information is displayed in the following fields: Key Name, Short Description, User Name, Password, Confirm Password. If you click New Key, then you enter values in these fields to create a CSF key. Click Save to add the new key to the Available Keys panel. The Save button toggles to Select when you select an existing key in the panel and adds that key to csf-key property of a security policy. A Cancel button appears next to the Save button.

Instructions for using this dialog is given in the surrounding text.