Description of the Illustration Diagnostics Log Entries Related to a Request

Shows a table of the Request history for APIs and Connectors. Across the top, the request history can be shown for the last 5 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day. 1 day is selected. The date is set to October 6, to October 7. To the right, 1xx to 5xx buttons are shown, with 4xx and 5xx selected. Across the top of the table are the headings Related, Timestamp, Status, Call, Path, Time, Request length, Response length. Under the heading Related, a menu icon is shown for each entry, but is not opened. There are 24 items listed under the various headings. The Call Pizza Store 1.0>custom/pizzabot API 1.0 is selected with a status of 500, Time of 1502, request length of 679, and response length of 0.