Description of the illustration spec_security.png

This image displays the Security page of the SOAP Connector API wizard. The top of the image shows the Back and Cancel buttons followed by the navigation links, General Port, Security, and Test. After the navigation links are the Save, the Save and Close, and the Next button. Below the navigation links is the page title and informational text telling you that you have the option to select Oracle Web Service Management policies and that you can override any policy defaults.

Below the text are two panels, Available Polices that lists the security policies that you can choose, and Selected Policies that lists the policies you’ve selected. Buttons between the two panels enable you to move one or all policies from one panel to the other.

Below the Available Policies panel is the Policy Description area. When you select a policy, a description of it is displayed here. Next to the Policy Description area is the Policy Overrides area. All the properties of a policy are listed for each policy you selected. You can override the value of each property by entering a valid value in the adjacent text field for each property.

The functions for the fields on this page are described in the surrounding text.