Access Client Credentials

If you are an account or application administrator, learn how to access your client credentials from the Oracle Identity Cloud Service console.

  1. From the Infrastructure Console, click Navigation icon in the top corner of the page, expand Identity, and then click Federation.
  2. Click the Oracle Identity Cloud Service console link under OracleIdentityCloudService.
    The link is in the form of
  3. In the Identity Console page, click Navigation icon and then click Applications.
  4. In the Applications page, click ANDC (NoSQL Database).
  5. In the ANDC page, click the Configuration tab and expand General Information. Credentials such as the Client ID and Client Secret are visible to you. Click Show Secret. A pop-up dialog box appears displaying the Client Secret. Copy and paste these credentials to a new text file in a text editor.
  6. In the same page, expand Resources. You see the entitlement ID displayed in the Primary Audience text box, along with other values. Copy only the 9-digit entitlement ID value (highlighted in blue) into the text file.
  7.  Copy the Oracle Identity Cloud Service URL from the browser address bar. Copy up to Paste the URL to the text file where you have other values.

If you have multiple developers for the service, share these credentials with them. Each developer uses the client ID and client secret along with their own user name and password to create a usable credentials file. The entitlement ID and the Identity Cloud Service URL are used in the application to connect to Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service.