Data Regions and Associated Service Endpoints

Learn about the data regions supported for Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service and access region-specific service endpoints.

Data Regions

To start with Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service, you must create an account (either for free trial or to purchase provisioning). Along with other details, the account application requires you to choose the default data region.

Service Endpoints Associated with Data Regions

A service endpoint is the regional network access point to the Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service. The general format of a region endpoint is https://nosql.{region} For example, the service endpoint for the Ashburn Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service region identifier in North America region is Different data regions have different {region} components of their URLs.

This table lists the service endpoints for all the data regions which are or will be supported by Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service. See Service Availability for the latest information about the regions that support Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service.

Data Region Region Identifier Service Endpoint
North America us-ashburn-1
North America us-phoenix-1
North America ca-toronto-1
North America us-sanjose-1
North America ca-montreal-1
EMEA eu-frankfurt-1
EMEA uk-cardiff-1
EMEA uk-london-1
EMEA eu-zurich-1
EMEA eu-amsterdam-1
EMEA me-jeddah-1
EMEA me-dubai-1
APAC ap-seoul-1
APAC ap-tokyo-1
APAC ap-mumbai-1
APAC ap-sydney-1
APAC ap-hyderabad-1
APAC ap-osaka-1
APAC ap-melbourne-1
APAC ap-chuncheon-1
LAD sa-saopaulo-1
LAD sa-santiago-1