Download the Oracle NoSQL Cloud Simulator

Learn how to download and extract the Oracle NoSQL Cloud Simulator.

The Oracle NoSQL Cloud Simulator is part of the Oracle NoSQL Cloud SDK, available for download from the Oracle Technology Network site. To install the Oracle NoSQL Cloud Simulator, first download the SDK file and extract its contents.


Your local system should meet the following requirements to run the Oracle NoSQL Cloud Simulator:
  • Java JDK version 10 or higher installed in your machine.

  • A minimum of 5 GB available disk space where you plan to install the Oracle NoSQL Cloud Simulator.

Perform the following steps:
  1. Download the Oracle NoSQL Cloud SDK file from Oracle Technology Network.
  2. Gunzip and untar the .tar.gz package (or extract the files if you have downloaded a .zip package).

    The SDK package oracle-nosql-cloud-sdk-18.227 is used in this example. The actual package name and the .jar file names can change, depending on the release version that you download.

    $ tar xvfz oracle-nosql-cloud-sdk-18.227.tar.gz

    The output displays all directories and files that are part of the package. All the Oracle NoSQL Cloud Simulator related .jar files are placed in the cloudsim/lib directory.

After extracting the SDK package, read the oracle-nosql-cloud-sdk-x.y.z/README.txt file for instructions on how to start, verify, and stop the simulator. This file also describes how to compile and execute the examples included with the simulator.