Estimating Your Monthly Cost

Learn how to estimate the monthly cost of your Oracle Cloud subscription.

When you are ready to order your Oracle Cloud service, Oracle provides you with a cost estimator to figure out your monthly usage and costs before you commit to a subscription model or an amount.

The Cost Estimator automatically calculates your monthly cost based on your input of read units, write units, and storage. But for you to understand how to calculate the read and write units for your application, follow these steps:

  1. Step 1: Navigate to the Estimating Capacity topic. Estimate your application workload by using the example and formulas described in this topic.

    Step 2: Download and use the Capacity Estimator from Oracle Technology Network to estimate write units, read units, and the storage capacity for your application based on the application workload and database operations criteria.

  2. Step 2: Access the Cost Estimator on the Oracle Cloud website. Select the Data Management check box. Scroll through to locate Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud, and click Add to add an entry for Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud under the Configuration Options. Expand NoSQL Database to find the different Utilization and configuration options. Input values for the Utilization and Configuration parameters to estimate the cost for Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service usage from your Oracle Cloud Pay-As-You-Go and Monthly Flex subscriptions.