Viewing Table Details

Learn how to view Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service table details from the NoSQL console.

To view table details:
  1. Access the NoSQL console from the Infrastructure Console. See Accessing the Service from the Infrastructure Console.
  2. The NoSQL console lists all the tables in the tenancy. To view table details, do either of the following:
    • Click the table name, or
    • Click the action menu corresponding to the table name and select View Details.
    The Table Details page opens up.
  3. From the Table Details page, you can view all table columns, indexes, rows, and metrics.

Viewing Table DDL

You can view the DDL statement used to create a table for the Table Details page.
To view table DDL:
  1. In the Table Details page, click View Table DDL.
    The View Table DDL window displays the table DDL statement.
  2. Now, you can select and copy the table DDL statement from the window. Click OK to close the window.