Viewing Table Metrics

Learn how to view Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service table metrics from the NoSQL console.

To view table metrics:
  1. Access the NoSQL console from the Infrastructure Console. See Accessing the Service from the Infrastructure Console.
  2. The NoSQL console lists all the tables in the tenancy. To view table details, do either of the following:
    • Click the table name, or
    • Click the action menu corresponding to the table name and select View Details.
    The Table Details page opens up.
  3. In the Table Details page, select the Metrics tab under Resources.
    Table metrics such as Read Units, Write Units, Storage GB, Read Throttle Count, Write Throttle Count, and Storage Throttle Count show up. You can filter the metrics by date, change interval, and statistic value.
  4. For each of the metrics displayed on this page, you can perform the following actions:
    • View Query in Metrics Explorer: This page lets you write and edit queries in Monitoring Query Language (MQL), using metrics from either your application or an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service. If you're not familiar with MQL, see Monitoring Query Language (MQL) Reference. To learn more about this page, see Metrics Explorer.
    • Copy Chart URL: Click this option to copy the default metrics chart URL for any future reference.
    • Copy Query (MQL): Click this option to copy the MQL query used to create the default metrics chart. If you're not familiar with MQL, see Monitoring Query Language (MQL) Reference.
    • Create an Alarm on this Query: Click this option to create alarms to monitor your cloud resources. To learn about alarms, see Managing Alarms.