1 About This Recipe

Use this recipe to create an expense report for approval through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Process Automation.


The recipe is meant only for guidance and is not warranted to be error-free.


This recipe streamlines the expense report creation process by leveraging the intelligent document processing and decision service capabilities in Process Automation. To run the recipe, you must create a process application using the recipe, and configure the roles and other resources of the recipe.

Here is an overview of the process flow of the recipe.

  • When a user creates an expense report by attaching one or more receipts, the process flow of the recipe is triggered. The recipe uses the OCI Document Understanding capability to automatically scan the receipts, extracts data from the receipts, and populates the required fields for each line item in the expense report.
  • Once the expense report is submitted, the recipe uses a decision service activity to decide if the expense report can be automatically approved/rejected or needs manual approval. The decision service evaluates based on the total amount, cost center, expense type, and whether a receipt is attached for each line.
  • For requests that need manual approval, the recipe routes it to a line manager, who reviews the expense report and take appropriate action.
  • Optionally, the recipe sends the approved report to a down stream ERP system via a service task placeholder activity. For this, you'll have to configure a connector to the ERP system.

System and Access Requirements

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Process Automation, Version 23.12 or higher