Analytics: Instance Tracking

You can navigate to the instance Tracking page from any level of Analytics view. By navigating to the instance's Tracking page and viewing its audit, users can investigate and resolve any errors or bottlenecks identified in the analytics report.

Navigate to the Tracking page that opens on a new browser tab from Analytics by:
  • Clicking the View instances link that is available in the analytics report window of an application, process, or activity.
  • Selecting the status bar in an application or process level visualization.
  • Selecting the View instances View instances icon on top right of the process details graphical or list view in the Activity list page.

The filters that are applied in the Analytics page are propagated to the Tracking page when you navigate to the instance Tracking page from the Analytics report view. So you can always contextually navigate to the Tracking page from an instance's analytics report view.

Suppose you're in the analytics view of an application for a selected duration. When you navigate to the Tracking page from the analytics view of that application by clicking the View instances link, then the same filters (application and duration) will be applied to the Tracking page too. If a user navigates to the Tracking page by clicking any of the process instance status bars in the Analytics page, then along with the application and duration period filters, the process name and the instance status filters also are propagated and applied to the Tracking page.

Similarly, filters that are applied in the Tracking page are also propagated to the Analytics page when the user navigates to the Analytics user interface from the Tracking page.