Configure the Due Date and Priority

You can specify a due date and a priority for a human task activity. After the due date is reached, the task is marked as overdue.

To configure a task's due date and priority:
  1. Select a human task activity in a process, and open its Properties pane.
  2. In the Properties pane, scroll to the End User Display section.
  3. In the Due Date field enter an interval to specify the amount of time the assignee has to complete the instance after the task is triggered. Select one of the following options:
    • Manually: Use the format ##M##d##h##m. For example:

      • One hour and thirty minutes: 1h30m

      • One day: 1d

      • Four months, two days, eleven hours and thirty minutes: 4M2d11h30m

    • Expression Editor: Enable the expression mode by clicking Enable Expression mode and specify an expression to calculate due date of the task.


    A task due date is different from a process due date. Setting a due date for a process does not automatically set a due date for the task.
  4. Under Priority, select an option from the Level drop-down list.
    • High (1)
    • Normal (2)
    • Low (3)

    In addition, you can use expressions to dynamically set a value for the priority during human task activity creation. Click the literal mode icon in the Level field once to enable the expression mode Expression mode icon. Use the inline expression builder to specify an expression. The expression should evaluate to an integer. This is suggested by a hint text on the top-right of the field.

    Note that when you use an expression to set a task's priority, if the expression returns a value that doesn't fall under the predefined range, then by default the task priority will be set to Normal (2).

    In Workspace, you can sort task list based on the task priority. High priority tasks are marked with a red exclamation mark.