Create an Application from a Recipe

Process Automation offers some pre-built, run-ready applications called recipes. Recipes help you to quickly create an application and jump-start your application design as all the required resources and components for the application are provided in the recipe.

To create an application from a recipe:
  1. On the Designer home page (All Applications) page, click the Create button on top right of the page.
  2. In the Create application pane, click Create application from recipe.
  3. In the Choose a recipe page, find the recipe.

    Click the recipe card to view details about the recipe such as the date it was published, keywords, description, documentation link and so on.

  4. Click Select.
    The Create application from recipe pane opens.
  5. Review the name, version, and description for the application. If required, you can update these fields.
  6. Click Create.
    You get a confirmation that the application is being created. Once created, the application's main page opens, displaying all the resources of the recipe.