Create a Structured Process

A structured process contains a start event, an end event, and possibly other activities. You can start your process from scratch (that is, with an empty start event), with a form, or when a message is received.

To create a structured process:
  1. On the application main page, click Add.
  2. In the Add component pane, expand Processes, and then choose Structured.
  3. Enter a title in the Title field.

    The field is populated with a default name, such as MyStructuredProcess, MyStructuredProcess1, and so on.

    Note that the Identifier Name field gets auto-populated with the name you entered as the title, but without any spaces.

  4. Optionally enter a suitable description (such as, what it’s about, and why you would use it) in the Description field.
  5. Click Create.

A confirmation dialog lets you know that the process is created. You can open the process by clicking the Open now link in the dialog.

The newly created process gets listed in the Processes page. If you missed the Open now link, click the process from the Processes page and open it.

Clone a Structured Process

You can clone a structured process to create an exact copy of the process. This is helpful when you need to quickly create and use a replica of an existing process.

When you clone a structured process, the cloned process will have all activities and properties that were configured in the original process. All underlying artifacts (such as forms, business objects, integrations) used by the original process will also be used by the cloned process. Note that the artifacts itself are not cloned; but are just used by both the original and the cloned process.

The cloned process will be a standalone process that can be executed and activated independently. You can also modify and customize the cloned process to meet your business needs.

To clone a structured process:

  1. Select the structured process from the process application's main page or from the Processes page.
  2. Hover over Menu Menu icon on the far side of the selected process, and choose Clone.
    The Clone component pane displays.
  3. In the Clone component pane, enter a name in the Title field and a suitable description in the Description field.
  4. Click Clone.

    A confirmation dialog lets you know that the component is being cloned. You can click the Open now link to open the cloned process.

The cloned process gets displayed as a new process in the Processes page as well as the process application's main page.

Delete a Structured Process

You can delete structured processes from your application anytime.

Before you delete, make sure that the process isn't referenced anywhere in your application. You get validation errors if any remaining references to the deleted process exist.

To delete a process:

  1. Open the application.
  2. In the application main page, select the structured process you want to delete.
  3. Click the options menu icon options menu icon and then click Delete.