About Draft Property

Draft property enables you to test structured processes that are designed with abstract activities or with activities without implementation details. Draft properties are useful when you want to test the process flow without waiting for all activities in the process to be implemented.

Let us explore how we can use the draft property to activate and test a structured processes with unimplemented activities.

Suppose you want to activate and test a travel request process that has an unimplemented service activity.

  1. Double-click the service activity, click Menu icon and select Open Properties.

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    Description of the illustration draft-property.png

  2. In the properties pane for the activity, select the Draft check box.

    Notice the following:
    • The service activity is greyed out.
    • The validation error disappears and a green tick mark indicates that the process is valid.

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  3. Activate and test the process application.

    With the draft property selected, validation for the unimplemented service activity will be skipped. You can activate the process application and test it in runtime.

The activated process application will be available in Workspace Start Request page. Start the application and complete the assigned tasks. If you view the audit for the completed process, you will find that the unimplemented service task (that had a draft property) was automatically marked as completed and the rest of the process completed successfully.

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Description of the illustration draft-property-test.png