Set to Out of Office

To avoid delays in completing tasks, Workspace users can configure the out of office settings so that Process Automation can reassign tasks.

Process Automation lets Workspace users specify multiple periods of their absence so that their directly assigned tasks can be reassigned to other users or roles. Once you create a leave of absence, you can edit the details or cancel the leave.

Process Automation administrators can also configure the out of office settings for users in scenarios where the user is unable to update or configure the settings due to unplanned or extended leaves. Once the Process Automation administrator or the user configures the out of office settings, Process Automation displays the out of office banner on the My Tasks page showing the details of the out of office configuration.

When a task is reassigned to a role, the status of the task changes to unclaimed state and anyone with the assigned role can work on the task. The new task assignee can view the comment provided by the original user in the out of office configuration settings.


  • The out of office feature does not work on role based task assignments.
  • You cannot create multiple out of office periods that have overlapping dates. The start and end date of each out of office period must be exclusive to the dates in any other out of office period.
  • Process Automation does not allow you to create an out of office period if you are assigning it to a user who has also created an out of office leave for the same period.

Click the user icon on the top-right of the Workspace UI, then click Out of office.