Work with Integrations

In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Process Automation, you can use active integrations from Oracle Integration that are designed with REST triggers in your process applications. In this way you can leverage the rich array of adapters that Oracle Integration offers to communicate and interact with other services in the cloud.

A simple integration includes at the least the source or the trigger connection and the target or the invoke connection, and data mapping between these two connections. The source connection is the entry point to the integration from Process Automation. It is represented by a source system or endpoint which triggers the integration to execute.

For more information, see Understand How Integrations Work in Using Integrations in Oracle Integration 3.

Note that you can work with integrations in Process Automation only when one of the following prerequisites are fulfilled.
If a Process Automation instance is enabled with an Oracle Integration 3 instance, you can navigate between the design-time interfaces of the two instances.
  • To navigate to Oracle Integration 3 from Process Automation, open the navigation menu in Process Automation Designer and click the punch out URL for Oracle Integration. The Oracle Integration 3 home page opens in another browser tab.
  • To navigate to Process Automation from Oracle Integration 3, open the navigation menu in the Oracle Integration home page, and click the punch out URL for Process Automation. The Process Automation Designer opens in another browser tab.