Sample Use Case for Documents and Process

Documents are an integral part of Oracle Process Cloud Service because they’re commonly used in approval flows. Let’s look at a sample process for getting a home loan.

During the loan process, different types of documents must be filed and reviewed, including:

  • Applicant related documents, such as bank statements, pay stubs, W-2 form, and credit reports

  • Property related documents, such as title and appraisal

Different roles, such as loan officer, loan processor, and loan underwriter, review the documents and approve the loan. Once the loan is approved, additional documents, such as loan agreement documents, must be created, signed, and approved.

These review and approval activities require segregating documents into different folders, moving them to approved folders, and so on, during the loan processing flow. Integrating Oracle Content and Experience Cloud with Oracle Process Cloud Service provides the capability for you to create and manage these folders in Composer.

Document Folders

Using the home loan as an example, the following table lists the folders that would be required for the loan process and the types of documents you would expect to find in each folder.

Folder Description
Applicant Documents Documents related to the applicant, such as W-2 form and bank statements
Appraisal Documents Documents related to the appraisal, such as property photos and recent comparable sales
Approval Documents Documents related to the loan approval, such as credit score, risk model analysis, and loan term computation
Agreement Documents Documents containing the loan terms and conditions
Property Documents Documents related to the property, such as title and insurance
Funding Documents Documents created as part of funding, such as updated title and wiring instructions

Actions Performed by Tasks on Folders

Continuing with our home loan example, the following table shows the sequence of tasks in the loan process, lists who performs the task (swimlane), and describes the task performed on the folder.

Sequence Swimlane Task
1 Loan Applicant Uploads W-2 forms and bank statements to the Applicant Documents folder.
2 Property Appraiser Uploads appraisal related documents to the Appraisal Documents folder.
3 Loan Agent Reviews both the applicant documents and the appraisal documents to ensure completeness. If additional documents are required, then request the applicant or appraiser to upload them.
4 Loan Officer Reviews both the applicant documents and the appraisal documents, approves the loan, and creates loan documents in the Agreement Documents folder. The applicant documents, appraisal documents, and approval justification documents are stored in the Approval Documents folder.
5 Loan Applicant Signs agreement documents and uploads them to the Agreement Documents folder.
6 Title Company Uploads all documents related to the property to the Property Documents folder.
7 Finance Officer Reviews approval documents, agreement documents, and property documents in their respective folders, and funds the loan. Also uploads related documents to the Funding Documents folder.

Folder Permission for Various Tasks

Finally, for the home loan example, the following table lists the access permission required for each folder based on the user and the task.

Swimlane Tasks Folder and Access Permission
Loan Applicant Submits applicant documents, and if approved, submits agreement documents Applicant Documents and Agreement Documents folders; Contributor access
Property Appraiser Submits appraisal documents Appraisal Documents folder; Contributor access
Loan Agent Reviews applicant documents Applicant Documents and Appraisal Documents folders; Viewer access
Loan Officer Approves the loan Applicant Documents and Appraisal Documents folders; Downloader access

Approval Documents and Agreement Documents folders; Contributor access

Title Company Submits property documents Property Documents folder; Contributor access
Finance Officer Funds the loan Approval Documents folder; Viewer access

Agreement Documents and Property Documents folders; Downloader access

Funding Documents folder; Contributor access