Business Insight - General Aspects


The Business Insight dashboard is displayed in the navigation menu only for services where Business Insight has been enabled. To enable Business Insight for your services, please contact your Service Delivery Manager.

The Business Insight menu in Oracle Pulse uses two categories to provide data:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) charts provide a high-level view of the current status of the KPI metrics that you requested to include in your Business Insight report. Apart from the data points in your target environment that you indicated to be used to represent your business KPI for each Business Insight report, the KPI chart also displays other highly flexible elements. For example, you can select the threshold you want to set, if any, the type of chart (pie, bar, line), or the title.

  • Table views are designed to allow you to gather additional details that complement the detail you get from the KPI chart. These details provide further information that help you take more insightful and proactive actions to address any developing issue. For example, the KPI chart may show the overall accounts status for Month End Closing (i.e., how many accounts are open or closed). If there are open accounts close to the end of the period, you may use the table view to review additional detail which will help you see which specific account names have the Open status, and who is a key contact point for those accounts.