Backup Automation and Storage in Oracle Cloud

You can store database backups in Oracle Cloud and eliminate dependencies on backup storage infrastructure.

Recovery Service centralizes backup storage in Oracle Cloud. A protection policy based mechanism controls your backup storage demands. You do not need to perform any manual tasks to address storage utilization or monitoring.

OCI-managed automatic backups is the preferred backup method for Oracle Cloud databases because you can easily configure backup settings using the Console.

When you enable the automatic backups for an Oracle Cloud database, such as an Exadata Cloud Service instance database or Oracle Base Database DB Systems, you can set Autonomous Recovery Service as the backup destination. The database can then transfer backups to Recovery Service for complete and secure data protection.

Your Oracle Cloud databases may have varied demands for backup retention. Recovery Service simplifies this process by enforcing a single protection policy for each database. A protection policy defines the number of days to retain database backups for recoverability.

As a backup administrator for your Oracle Cloud databases, you can use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Console to create and apply protection policies in your backup strategy. You can attach multiple databases to a single protection policy.

Recovery Service includes a group of Oracle-defined protection policies that cover typical use-cases for backup retention. Optionally, you can create custom policies to suit your internal storage demands.

Custom policies allow the flexibility to retain backups for a period ranging from a minimum period of 14 days to a maximum period of 95 days. You can recover a database from backups up to until the retention period expires.