Access Oracle Self-Service Integration

Here’s how to get started with Oracle Self-Service Integration (SSI) .

Once you've ordered an SSI instance, you’ll receive an email with a link to your account so you can create an SSI instance.

  1. Copy and paste the SSI Instance link in your browser.

    Your Oracle Cloud Dashboard login opens.
    The image is the Oracle Cloud Account signin screen.

  2. Enter your user name and password that are provided in the Oracle Cloud email, and then click Sign In.

    The Oracle Cloud My Services dashboard opens.

  3. Click Dashboard to see your available services.
    The image shows the Oracle Cloud My Services main dashboard. The Dashboard button is located at the top of the window.

  4. From the Dashboard, expand the menu The image shows the contextual menu. for Self-Service Integration, and select Open Service Console.
    The image shows the menu for Self-service Integration with the options View Details, Open Service Console, View Account Usage Details.

    The Oracle Self-Service Integration console opens.
    The image shows the Oracle Self-Service Integration Cloud Service dashboard that has two tabs: Instances and Activity.

  5. In the Instances tab of the Oracle Self-Service Integration Cloud Service dashboard, click Create Instance.

    The Create New Instance editor opens.

  6. Complete the fields to create the instance.

    • Instance Name, which is a required field.

    • (Optional). Description.

    • (Optional). Notification Email.

    • (Optional). Tags.

    The image shows the fields used for creating an instance and include Instance name, description, notification email, and tags.
  7. Click Next.

    The Confirmation window opens.

  8. Verify the system settings are correct and click Create.

The Oracle Self-Service Integration instance is created.