Authorize a Cloud App Account

Authorize a cloud application account so that SSI can work on your behalf. You can authorize more than one account for the same cloud application and set one of those accounts as default.

  1. From the user menu, select My Cloud App Accounts.
    The image shows the user menu with My Cloud App Accounts highlighted.
  2. Click Authorize a Cloud App Account.
    The image shows the Authorize a Cloud App Account button that is available in the My Cloud App Accounts page.
  3. In the Select App window, select an application that you want to use.

    A dialog opens that asks you to provide a description for your cloud application account.

    The image is the Authorize a Cloud App Account.
  4. Edit the default value or click Continue to accept it.
    The account description is used by SSI and does not affect the account or user name that you have used in the cloud application account.
  5. In the Authorize a Cloud App Account window, click Continue.


    If you have blocked pop-up windows in your browser, then you’ll receive a request from SSI to allow browser pop-up windows.
  6. Follow the prompts in the cloud application dialogs to complete the authorization.
    When the authorization is complete, the cloud application account is listed in the My Cloud App Accounts window.


    Different cloud applications have their own process for authorization, and this is just an example. In some cases you’ll see a screen from the third-party application window that asks for your credentials. In other cases, you’ll see an SSI dialog that asks you to enter your credentials.