Find and Copy a Recipe from the Public Recipes Catalog

Identify a recipe that matches your business needs and copy it to your own catalog to customize with your own values.

  1. In your Dashboard, click the Public Recipes link.
    The Public Recipes catalog opens.
    The image is the Public Recipes catalog with the Search field highlighted.

  2. Click in the Public Recipes catalog search field to filter your search by cloud app.
    The Select App window opens.
    The images is the Select App window that shows all of the cloud apps available in SSI.

  3. Click a cloud app in the Select App window.
    The Public Recipes catalog displays all recipes that include the selected cloud app.
    The image shows the public recipes for the selected cloud application.

    Recipes with more than one action will have a notation next to the Action logo for the first action. There is also a notation to show how many times a recipe has been copied by you or other users.
    The image shows a recipe that has two actions and has been used 3 times.
    If you expand the recipe actions, you’ll see all of the action applications used in the recipe. The example shows a recipe that uses Oracle Sales Cloud as the trigger, and the two action applications are Asana and Oracle Sales Cloud.
    The image shows a recipe description with the two action application icons expanded to show the applications used in the recipe.

  4. Click any recipe from the search results to get specific details about the recipe’s trigger and actions.

    The image shows a recipe that can be saved from the Recipe Catalog and the Add to My Recipes button is highlighted.

  5. To save the recipe, click Add to My Recipes.
    • To open the recipe in the Recipe Editor, click Edit Recipe.
      The image shows the Edit Recipe button that is available after you have saved a recipe from the Recipe Catalog.

    • To close the recipe saved details, click the X.
  6. When you’re finished copying recipes, click home The image shows the home icon. to return to the Dashboard.
    You’ll see your copied recipes in My Recipes.