Map Cloud App Data

As you configure a recipe in the SSI Recipe Editor, data that relates to the recipe’s trigger and action fields are represented in the Cloud App Data section of the editor.

View Cloud App Data for the Trigger

In the Recipe Editor, each time you highlight a form field, the Cloud App Data > Context section reflects data available for use in that form field.
The image shows the Cloud App Data section showing the data fields that reflect the Trigger section.

View Cloud App Data for the Action

Once you’ve created the trigger and have moved to the Action section of the Recipe Editor, you can directly map the cloud app data to the action fields. The Cloud App Data section contains data that is associated with your SSI user account and the runtime job information. For example, the Context for the Cloud App Data section for an email application reflects the user ID, name, and email. When you add an action, you’ll see data in Cloud App Data related to the trigger and any prior actions (if any). When you add a subsequent action, then you’ll also see data associated with the most recently added action.

Add Cloud App Data to the Action

To add data to the recipe, simply drag and drop an item from the Cloud App Data section into the corresponding action input field.
The image shows an email address that is dragged from Cloud App Data to the To field of the input section.


Some data can’t be dragged. Only top-level items of an array can be dragged to form fields that support arrays.
The image shows an error message that notifies you that you can’t drag a sub-item of an array.