Quick Start

You can find, edit, and activate a recipe in just a few clicks.

  1. Open the SSI landing page.
  2. Log in to SSI using your Oracle Cloud login.
  3. Browse the Cloud Apps collection and find your favorite application.
    You can narrow your search by specifying one or more cloud applications.
    The image shows the Cloud Apps Search box.

  4. Select your application and view the available recipes for that application.
    The image is the public recipes catalog.

    If the selected application does not have any recipes in the Public Recipes catalog, then you can go back to the Dashboard and use Create a New Recipe.
    The image shows My Recipes with the Create a New Recipe button highlighted.

  5. From Public Recipes, select a recipe and copy it to My Recipes.
  6. From My Recipes, select a recipe to open in the Recipe Editor.

    The image shows the recipe editor window.

  7. Follow the prompts in the Recipe Editor to customize the recipe to your specific needs, and then slide the Activate The image is the activate switch in the off position. switch to start it running.
    Your recipe is now active and will run when the event specified in the trigger occurs.
  8. View the Recipe Job History to see the results of past runs.