What is Data Mapping?

SSI uses the concept of mapping to define how the data from one cloud application are passed to another during a recipe run.

When you create or edit a recipe, you use two or more cloud applications to create a particular workflow. The end result is that a task that you would complete manually is now automated. In the Recipe Editor, when you configure the trigger or actions, the Cloud App Data section dynamically updates with the data are related to the application and the particular action that you set. The Cloud App Data can be in various formats, including:
  • string

  • numeric

  • object

  • array

  • boolean

  • date

  • time

  • date-time

  • email

The Recipe Editor provides hints as to which data type you can add to the recipe fields. The image shows the data type icons for certain recipe fields.
The image shows the icons that designate the required data type for the field. The Interval Type requires a string. The Interval requires a numeric type. The Start Date Time requires a date-time string.