Change the Database Schema Password

Update the password used by an Oracle SOA Cloud Service instance to access the Oracle schemas in the Infrastructure database.

You are required to change the password for the Oracle schemas to meet Oracle security policies, corporate security policies or government regulations, or in response to a perceived security threat. By default, the password expires 180 days after your service instance is created.

Password expiration leads to the following scenarios:

  • The following Oracle SOA Cloud Service instance-specific datasources fail:

    • EDNDataSource

    • mds-owsm

    • EDNLocalTxDataSource

    • mds-soa

    • OraSDPMDataSource

    • SOADataSource

    • SOALocalTxDataSource

  • The following non-Oracle SOA Cloud Service instance-specific datasources fail and the failure to connect to schemas might lead to production environment shutting down:

    • opss-data-source

    • opss-audit-viewDS

    • opss-audit-DBDS

  • The database user account can get locked because data sources still use the old password and the administrator enters a different password.

When you change the password, the passwords for the Oracle SOA Cloud Service and non-Oracle SOA Cloud Service schemas are reset.

You can only use Oracle SOA Cloud Service to change the password for the Oracle Required Schemas found in the Infrastructure database for a service instance. To change the password for schemas hosted in an Application database in your service instance, you must directly modify the configuration of both the database and your WebLogic Server domain.


If your service instance was created before 18.2.5 release, you cannot use Oracle SOA Cloud Service to automatically change the schema password. You must perform these modifications manually on your service instance.