About Oracle SOA Cloud Service

Oracle SOA Cloud Service provides a PaaS (Platform as a Service) computing platform solution for running the following applications in the cloud:

  • Oracle SOA Suite

  • Oracle Service Bus

  • Oracle Managed File Transfer

  • Oracle Business Activity Monitoring

  • Oracle B2B

Oracle SOA Suite provides a complete set of service infrastructure components for designing, deploying, and managing composite applications.

The components of the suite are described in About the Components of Oracle SOA Cloud Service.

Oracle SOA Cloud Service uses the Active high availability (HA) policy when it provisions instance compute nodes. Using the Active policy causes the virtual machine (VM) to automatically fail over to another physical compute node in the same compute zone in case the primary compute node fails.

Oracle SOA Cloud Service provides a rich variety of features that enable you to save time and money in the following ways:

  • Reduce costs. You can reduce IT maintenance and administrative costs. Oracle handles all platform provisioning, installation, and domain configuration. Oracle SOA Cloud Service is subscription-based, meaning you only pay when using the service. No large investment in hardware and IT expertise is required. This lets you fully concentrate on design, test, and deployment of integration solutions.

  • Create test environments in the cloud. You can quickly subscribe to Oracle SOA Cloud Service to create application test environments in the cloud. There is no need to provision and configure your own servers. Move workloads to the cloud, from cloud to cloud, and from cloud to on-premises environments. When testing is done, you can release your subscription.

  • Monitor and manage your environment. You can initiate backups, patching, scaling, and recoveries with minimal configuration from the cloud. These tasks are handled for you by Oracle.

In addition, you can extend your enterprise to the cloud and deploy Oracle SOA Suite projects where you need them. For example, you can integrate an Oracle Sales Cloud new customer account with a Siebel application. This enables a customer that purchases a product through Oracle Sales Cloud to receive support for that product through the Siebel system. For this same Oracle Sales Cloud event, you can also synchronize the customer account information to an on-premises finance application to ensure that the billing and accounts receivable modules receive payment from the customer.

You can connect to on-premises applications through Oracle Messaging Cloud Service for asynchronous messaging, with web services to an on-premises Oracle Service Bus or Oracle SOA Suite infrastructure through a web proxy in the DMZ, or through a virtual private network.