Prerequisites for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Before creating an Oracle SOA Cloud Service instance in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you must complete several prerequisites.

Additional Resources

Prior to using Oracle SOA Cloud Service, ensure also you’re familiar with the following:

  • Oracle Cloud

    Create and configure your account on Oracle Cloud. See About Oracle SOA Cloud Service Subscriptions and Licenses.

  • Oracle Compute VMs

    Oracle SOA Cloud Service runs on Oracle Compute VMs. See Using Oracle Compute Cloud Service for information about disk images, compute shapes, storage volumes, public IP addresses, network groups, access rules, and SSH public/private key pairs.

  • Oracle WebLogic Server

    Applications are deployed to Oracle WebLogic Server. Oracle SOA Cloud Service supports Oracle WebLogic Server 12c.

  • Oracle Traffic Director

    To provide load balancing for applications, Oracle SOA Cloud Service uses Oracle Traffic Director Release 12c. Starting with Release 12c, Oracle Traffic Director administration tasks are performed from Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control. When accessing Oracle Traffic Director from the Oracle SOA Cloud Service Console, you are directed to Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control:


    To use and configure Oracle Traffic Director, see Administering Oracle Traffic Director.

  • JDeveloper

    Oracle SOA Cloud Service works with the corresponding release of Oracle JDeveloper (for example, You can download Oracle JDeveloper from the Oracle JDeveloper Software page.