Provision Oracle SOA Cloud Service

Use the provisioning wizard to conveniently provision instances to use in Oracle SOA Cloud Service.

To provision instances, you run a simple provisioning wizard that guides you through the provisioning process. You use the wizard to specify information about your instance including:
  • Instance name

  • SSH public key

  • Cluster size

  • Software release

  • Service type

  • WebLogic server shape

  • Backup and recovery configuration

  • Database configuration

  • Load balancer configuration

The Oracle SOA Cloud Service environment provides Oracle SOA Suite version on a single virtual machine, Oracle WebLogic Server default configurations, simplified provisioning for a single node instance, self-management tools, and secure shell (SSH) access to the virtual machine. The environment also provides simplified node cluster provisioning; simplified configuration to preexisting DBaaS and SaaS environments; and cloud self-management tools for automated backup/recovery and scaling, local and central monitoring and management, centralized provisioning, and comprehensive APIs.

Oracle handles all node provisioning, installation, and domain configuration after you make your selections. There are some prerequisites that you have to address before you provision. They are described in Provision Oracle SOA Cloud Service Instances in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic and Provision Oracle SOA Cloud Service Instances in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.