Quickly Try Out an Instance in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic

Only Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic This topic applies only to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic.

You can create a quick start instance of Oracle SOA Cloud Service with a single click.

Capabilities of This Instance

This option automatically provisions Oracle SOA Cloud Service with an Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service instance, but does not provision or provide support for an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic container instance. Without a container, database backups are not possible. The quick start instance is useful for testing integrations. After testing is complete, you can import integrations into a different Oracle SOA Cloud Service instance.

This option automatically creates an instance with the following capabilities:

  • Either:

    • Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Service Bus, and Oracle B2B, or

    • Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Service Bus, and Oracle B2B

  • SOA Shape: 1 OCPU

  • Oracle Database 12.1, Standard Edition

  • Database Shape: 1 OCPU

  • Total Block Storage: 301 GB

  • The SYS database administrator user name with a default password.


Note the following details:

  • This instance does not include or support the use of an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic container.

  • No load balancer

  • A Backup tab on the overview page for the provisioned Oracle SOA Cloud Service instance is not available.



Creating an Instance

To create a quick start instance:

  1. Sign in to your Oracle Cloud Service account and navigate to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic Console.
    See Signing in to Your Cloud Account in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud.
  2. Click Navigation menu icon in the top left corner. In the navigation menu, under Platform Services, click SOA.
  3. In the upper right corner, click QuickStarts.

    The QuickStarts page is displayed.

  4. Review the quick start instance details.


    • Quick start instances use Bring Your Own License (BYOL) terms. Click the link Click here if you do not want to use BYOL. For more information, see About Oracle SOA Cloud Service Subscriptions and Licenses.
    • The Custom button in the upper right corner of the page launches the provisioning wizard.
  5. In the Instance Name field, enter a name.
  6. Click Create below the template you want to provision.
  7. Download the SSH key when prompted, then click Create.
  8. When Oracle SOA Cloud Service and Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service instance creation completes, change the password for the SYS username.

    See Altering User Accounts in the Oracle Database Security Guide.


If you created a service instance using a QuickStart template, you cannot delete the service instance from the Oracle SOA Cloud Service Console. Using a QuickStart template creates an entire stack for you, so you must delete the entire stack from the Stack console. See Deleting an Oracle Cloud Stack in Using Oracle Cloud Stack Manager.