Use the Frontend Host and HTTPS Port Values in the WSDL URL for Inbound Cloud Adapters

If you use the cloud adapters in the inbound direction, you must specify the frontend host and HTTPS port values found in the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console in your WSDL URL.

Use a WSDL URL in the following format:


For example:

To obtain the frontend host and HTTP port values:
  1. Log in to the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console:


  2. Expand Environment, then select Clusters.

  3. Click the cluster name.

  4. Click the HTTP tab.

  5. Update the following values as shown in the table.

    Field Value

    Frontend Host

    The admin_host

    Frontend HTTP Port

    HTTP_port (typically, the default value is 80)

    Frontend HTTPS Port

    HTTPS_port (typically, default value is 443)

  6. Restart the servers to have the values take effect.