Use WLST Commands to Deploy and Undeploy an Application

You can use WLST commands to deploy and undeploy an application to and from an Oracle SOA Cloud Service instance. All WLST commands are supported.

You can use a secure shell (SSH) to connect to the virtual machine (VM) that hosts the Administration Server and run WLST commands locally. For information, see Create an SSH Tunnel. When running WLST commands locally on the VM, you can use WLST online and offline. You can only undeploy an application online. For more information, see Running WLST Commands Local to the VM in Using Oracle Java Cloud Service.

Alternatively, if you are not connected to the VM that hosts the Administration Server, you can connect to the Administration Server using WLST commands online and run WLST commands remotely, for example, from a command shell in your local environment. When running WLST commands remotely; you can use WLST commands for deployment and undeployment online only. See Running WLST Commands from a Different Host in Using Oracle Java Cloud Service.

For additional information about using WLST commands, see: